SmartLab for

SmartLab for Engagement

Manage campaigns. Use games and other tools to engage large populations in new ideas

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Scalable engagement across time and distance

SmartLab for Engagement combines multi-channel and multi-media tools for delivering state of the art engagement campaigns.

Engagement in action

Discover how the world’s leading organizations are using SmartLab to engage people in change.

Inspire through collaboration

Deliver your message globally

Scalable, repeatable workshops for aligning thousands of users simultaneously in your initiatives, strategies, and messages.

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Game on

A gamified engine for driving engagement and participation.

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Bring ideas to life

Simplify complex messaging with film, animation, illustrations, and visual scribing.

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Engaging events

Engage your people in designing and delivering new strategies with collaborative workshops.

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Repeatable, scalable

Self-service admin features for rapidly delivering workshops for engaging your people in new ideas and initiatives.

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Data-driven insights

Realtime analytics provide program managers insights on campaign progress, results, and participation.

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Sequenced experiences

Design campaigns that fit your purpose with adaptive and linear workflows.

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Go global

Align global audiences with synchronous and asynchronous experiences that support multiple languages and timezones.

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