Rapid event delivery

Delivering powerful online and hybrid events has never been easier.

SmartLab Express is an intuitive self-service solution for rapidly designing and delivering virtual events for audiences of any size.

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An intuitive interface to produce and facilitate events

Intuitive admin dashboard

Configure every aspect of your event, from design to user groups to navigation.

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Facilitation made easy

Built in facilitation features with nudges, notifications and comms for communicating with your participants.

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Resource libraries

A dedicated area to share files, multimedia, and links to third-party content.

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Speaker bios

Put a face to the name with profile pages to introduce speakers.

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Interactive agendas

Keep participants up to speed with easy access to calls, breakouts, and group-specific activities.

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Bespoke activities

Create activities specific to individuals and user groups.

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Interactive experiences

A suite of apps for collaboration, polling, and mapping ideas.

Brain Stormer

Brainstorm with your team and visualise the ideas.

Ideas Wall

A collaborative space to share and engage with stories and ideas in realtime.

Innovation Hopper

Capture valuable data, focus ideas and accelerate decision making.

Trend Compass

Interactive and engaging surveys to capture and analyse emerging trends.

Ideas Mapper

Crowdsource and collaborate on ideas through a virtual whiteboard.

Road Map

Collaborative real-time mapping of activities, milestones and responsibilities.

Process Mapper

Enables teams to quickly design process structures and workflows.

Ideas Matrix

Rate, rank and prioritise ideas to establish the relationship between ideas.

Priority Mapper

Survey, define, and visualise your team’s priorities across key action areas.

Insta Poll

Capture and compare feedback over time.

Comms App

Broadcast engaging messages.


Build and run reusable interactive workshop flows.