Personalized learning for your people

Manage your learning ecosystem
SmartLab does all the heavy lifting

State-of-the-art adaptive learning programs

SmartLab Learning enables you to rapidly upskill and resklill your people with self-facilitated, adaptive experiences supported by a faculty of world-leading coaches for one-to-one support.

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Adaptive, personalized

Powered by algothithmic AI, SmartLab creates personalized learning journeys that adapt to participants’ progress and interest.

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Learn in style

Deliver agile programs that support learning in the flow of work, micro-learning and social learning.

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Ask the experts

Release your people’s potential with access to a network of world-leading coaches, facilitators and experts.

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Bring learning to life

Fully-customizable visual environments immerse participants in the world of learning.

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Everything in one place

Host third-party learning content, media, and files for ease of access.

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Virtual workshops, real results

Bring learners together across time and distance in interactive virtual workshops.

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Game on

A gamified engine to drive engagement and participation.

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