Collaboration across time and distance

Smart working for your people — wherever they are

A virtual space for hybrid working

SmartLab Workspace brings global teams together to work, learn, and play with a suite of collaboration and decision-making apps to share ideas and solve problems.

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Better decisions, faster

A suite of apps for collaborative decision-making, knowledge sharing, and ideation.

Brain Stormer

Brainstorm with your team and visualise the ideas.

Ideas Wall

A collaborative space to share and engage with stories and ideas in realtime.

Innovation Hopper

Capture valuable data, focus ideas and accelerate decision making.

Trend Compass

Interactive and engaging surveys to capture and analyse emerging trends.

Ideas Mapper

Crowdsource and collaborate on ideas through a virtual whiteboard.

Road Map

Collaborative real-time mapping of activities, milestones and responsibilities.

Process Mapper

Enables teams to quickly design process structures and workflows.

Ideas Matrix

Rate, rank and prioritise ideas to establish the relationship between ideas.

Priority Mapper

Survey, define, and visualise your team’s priorities across key action areas.

Insta Poll

Capture and compare feedback over time.

Comms App

Broadcast engaging messages.


Build and run reusable interactive workshop flows.

Everything in one place

Resource libaries allow your people instant access to multi-media, files, and third party content.

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Engaging events

Virtual workshops to engage your people in designing and delivering new strategies.

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Gentle reminders

Keep your people engaged with manual and automated nudging and notifications.

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Data-driven insights

Realtime analytics provide program managers insights on campaign progress, results, and participation.

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Game on

A gamified engine to drive engagement and participation in workshops and collaborative initiaitves.

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Go global

Align global audiences with synchronous and asynchronous experiences that support multiple languages and timezones.

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