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The SmartLab Platform

Everything you need for delivering transformative events, learning programs, and collaboration initiatives

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Dynamic Timeline

A living knowledge map, meticulously designed to encapsulate the past, present, and future of any transformation program.

Past - Documenting What Has Been
Preserve early discoveries in program development, ensuring accessibility, continuity, and insight retention.
Present - Capturing the Now
Promote immediate engagement and feedback with a real-time overview of ongoing activities.
Future - Planning and Previewing What’s Ahead
Proactively plan for the future, allocate resources and align your people with an overview of upcoming activities and opportunities.

Completely customizable

Make SmartLab your own with fully customizable color schemes, graphics, and iconography. Your program, your brand.

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Bespoke set-up for your programme or event

Fully configurable dashboard, widgets, and navigations for unique events, learning journeys, and experiences.

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Immersive visual environments

Immerse participants in the world of your events and programs with dynamic visual environments.

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Adaptive journeys

AI-powered journeys ensure your participants have everything they need when they need it.

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Integrated video conferencing

Host plenaries, breakouts, and meetings from within the SmartLab platform for powerful hybrid experiences and supercharged collaboration.

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Creating communities is easy

Direct messaging and discussion boards for building communitites around your events, programs, and initiatives.

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SmartLab AI

Serious AI support for participants, producers, learners. Your smart experience companion powered by GPT 3.5.

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Decision-making apps that power problem-solving

A suite of decision-making apps for crowd-sourcing, mapping, and polling ideas.

Brain Stormer

Brainstorm with your team and visualise the ideas.

Ideas Wall

A collaborative space to share and engage with stories and ideas in realtime.

Innovation Hopper

Capture valuable data, focus ideas and accelerate decision making.

Trend Compass

Interactive and engaging surveys to capture and analyse emerging trends.

Ideas Mapper

Crowdsource and collaborate on ideas through a virtual whiteboard.

Road Map

Collaborative real-time mapping of activities, milestones and responsibilities.

Process Mapper

Enables teams to quickly design process structures and workflows.

Ideas Matrix

Rate, rank and prioritise ideas to establish the relationship between ideas.

Priority Mapper

Survey, define, and visualise your team’s priorities across key action areas.

Insta Poll

Capture and compare feedback over time.

Comms App

Broadcast engaging messages.


Build and run reusable interactive workshop flows.

Resources libraries

Create a one-stop-shop for ebooks, articles, links, multimedia, cloud files, and third-party content.

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Discussion boards

Join the conversation. Dynamic discussion boards with focussed topics.

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Group management

Take charge of your teams. Group participants into cohorts based on the criteria of your choice.

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Make meaning full connections with your community.

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Gamified engagement

Engage participants in your initiatives with leaderboards and virtual games.

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Dedicated learning area

From onboarding to leadership development, host all your learning in one place. State of the art experiences are powered by adaptive learning journeys and access to Ludic’s network of world-leading coaches.

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Intuitive admin

An intuitive admin dashboard for managing users, groups, themes, and apps.

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Easy content management

A dedicated CMS for hosting and updating content. Controlling who sees what and when has never been easier.

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Data driven insights

Realtime analytics allow you to track program success and adjust accordingly.

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Build your own

An intuitive self-service mode for creating repeatable, scalable, interactive events.

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The companion app

Create event experiences that span time and distance with the iOS and Android SmartLab app for remote access to live streams, resources, and agendas.

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SmartLab is trusted by world-class organizations

The world’s best organisations use SmartLab to deliver events, engagement and learning programmes. More than 100,000 people have experienced the power of SmartLab.

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