Three powerful solutions for scaling your MedComm initiatives

July 7, 2023

Whether you’re delivering a strategic management project, investigator meeting, or a medical education program, the success of your MedComm initiative will rely on being able to engage the relevant experts, customers, and clients—no matter where in the world they are.

With the right tools and methodologies, you can create powerful virtual MedComm experiences for bringing stakeholders together across time and distance. Here are our recommendations…

1. Immersive virtual event experiences

Using photorealistic environments, you can invite participants in the world of your meeting with hotspot access to keynotes, breakouts, and activities as participants move through the agenda. Perfect for bringing your agenda to life and immersing participants in the world of your program. Learn more about SmartLab 360.

2. Decision-making and collaboration apps

Democratize decision-making with dedicated tools for sharing and voting on ideas, concerns, and questions. The best decision-making apps will provide program managers with real-time results and data visualization so they have a constant pulse check of how participants and stakeholders are feeling. Learn more about SmartLab Workspace.

3. Adaptive learning journeys

The best way to educate stakeholders in new medical discoveries, research, and products is with dynamic experience management platforms that tailor learning and engagement journeys to the participant's role, interests, and specialty. These platforms can support information-rich multimedia learning content and dedicated resource libraries for hosting every relevant document in one place. Learn more about SmartLab Journeys.

SmartLab was developed with MedComm in mind. SmartLab is the experience management platform for delivering scalable events, learning, and engagement programs that span time and distance. Discover why the world’s leading MedComm agencies are using SmartLab to support their initiatives. Request a demo.