Virtual Learning - Fact vs Fiction

July 7, 2023

With technology constantly evolving, and disruption changing the way we work, it has never been more important for organizations to invest in upskilling and reskilling their people.

Yet, despite capability building being at the heart of many organization’s growth and transformation strategies, the usual myths around virtual learning remain: it’s time-consuming, it’s boring, retention is low, it eats into work time, it eats into personal time.

While these assumptions are not common, they don’t reflect the reality of state-of-the-art virtual learning programs.

Based on our experience using SmartLab to help our clients build organizational capabilities at scale, we’d like to take a moment to dispel the myths around virtual learning programs.

Fiction – Learning eats into work/personal time

Fact – The best learning programs are delivered via experience management platforms that facilitate learning in the flow of work. These programs are designed to integrate learning into everyday activities. Not only does this boost efficiency and retention, it also means more time for other things. Learning in the flow can also help cultivate a culture of curiosity across your organization, which leads to people being more engaged in their learning journeys.

Fiction – Virtual learning is isolating

Fact – While remote work is rapidly becoming the norm, working from home doesn’t have to mean working alone. The same is true for learning. The best learning programs and learning experience platforms will incorporate elements of collaboration and play. Social learning is proven to promote retention and engagement. People learn best when they learn together.

Fiction – Virtual learning limits retention

Fact – Not true! Algorithmic and adaptive learning means your program can be responsive to the needs, interests, and progress of the user. Per a Sitel report, 91% of participants describe feeling more engaged and motivated when participating in an adaptive learning program. Furthermore, experience management platforms that specialize in learning will provide real-time progress analytics, allowing managers to adjust and calibrate the program in response.

SmartLab was designed with learning in mind. Our clients are using SmartLab to design learning programs that deliver transformative results at scale. Request a demo.