Rapid reskilling – Four powerful solutions for preparing your workforce for the future

August 11, 2023

Per the latest World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, and 40% of current workers’ core skills are expected to change in the next five years.

Technology is rapidly evolving and so is the need for your teams to rapidly adapt and grow alongside it. Reskilling and capability building should be at the heart of every organization’s digital transformation strategy. By creating a culture of learning, learning becomes embedded in the day-to-day life of your people, allowing you to scale capability-building initiatives across the whole organization.

Here are four approaches to learning that will prepare your people for the future of work—

Learning in the flow of work

It isn’t always easy to balance work and learning, which is why HR and Learning Specialist Josh Bersin advocates learning in the flow of work. By combining learning and work, you not only create a culture of curiosity but also support the wellness of your people by saving them time for leisure and avoiding burnout. Ultimately, the best kind of learning is sustainable and organic.


Breaking learning down into bitesize chunks improves knowledge retention and saves time, making the experience of learning seem manageable and sustainable. The best learning programs will adapt to the users progress and interests, delivering fresh, easily consumed content.

Social learning

Whether a learning program is live, hybrid or virtual, keeping people at the center of the experience promotes engagement and participation. LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report 2021 concludes people learn better together with 30x increase in engagement. As remote learning becomes more common, creating a social learning experience becomes harder, which is why you should use a—

Learning Experience Management Platforms

Here is where the show happens. Experience management platforms allow you to create immersive learning journeys for your people using resource libraries, multimedia, and collaboration apps. They are personalized and adaptive, allowing your people to access learning content wherever they are—perfect for creating powerful experiences that integrate learning in the flow of work, micro-learning and social learning.

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