Four powerful solutions for keeping sustainability commitments

July 7, 2023

One of the big headlines coming out of the 2021 Global Economic Forum was the renewed global push for organizations to achieve carbon net-zero by 2050.

We assist some of the world’s leading organizations with keeping their sustainability commitments. Here are four solutions for building a more sustainable future.

1. Make the shift to hybrid and virtual alternatives

Change the way you deliver events, learning, and programs. Reduce air miles and consumption by engaging global audiences in immersive digital environments. Keep people at the center of this shift to virtual through a people-centric platform that democratizes decision-making and offers personalized experiences that adapt to your users’ needs, interests, and progress.

2. Align your people in the change

Educate your people in sustainability initiatives using learning experience platforms to support micro-learning and learning in the flow of work. These methods boost retention and engagement, promoting an organization-wide culture of sustainability.

3. Sustainable communication

Cut down on paper, fuel, and other waste with virtual campaigns. Going virtual doesn’t have to mean newsletters and decks. Our clients are using SmartLab to create immersive multimedia experiences for aligning stakeholders in initiatives and strategies.

4. Track your commitment

Use a promise tracker tool to ensure commitments made at the C-suite and operational level flow through the entire organization. Promise trackers identify stakeholders, track milestones, and map and measure success, allowing you to promote accountability across all levels of the organization. Promise trackers will provide you with reports for measuring success, ROI, and financials so you can be agile and proactive in changing what’s not working.

Powered by SmartLab, our Sustainability Promise Dashboard is changing how our clients track commitments at an organizational level. Learn more about the SmartLab Sustainability Promise Dashboard.

Our experience management platform, SmartLab, was designed by Ludic with sustainability in mind. Our clients are using SmartLab to virtually deliver events, learning, and strategic initiatives — 100% results, zero air miles. Request a demo.