Five tips for keeping people at the heart of digital transformation

August 2, 2023

In our experience with helping the world’s largest organization make the shift to digital, we’ve found the most successful digital transformation initiatives are the ones that keep people at the heart.

Ongoing global disruption to the way we work means organizations are overhauling their digital strategy faster than ever before. With that in mind, we’d like to share our best tips for thriving in this new digital reality without losing sight of your people.

Curiosity is key

The job market has traditionally trended towards favoring hard skills, with many a resume boasting MS Office and Adobe suite experience. In an ever-evolving business landscape, however, soft skills like curiosity are becoming increasingly more valuable. By nurturing an organizational culture of curiosity, your people will be empowered to build their capabilities, making them agile and adaptable as the world changes around them.

Embrace new ways of learning

Upskilling your people doesn’t need to mean hours staring at an LMS. The best virtual learning experiences encourage social learning, micro-learning, and learning in the flow of work. Adding a social element not only keeps people connected and engaged in the content, but it also contributes to a culture of curiosity.

Create feedback loops.

Dynamic leaders are using survey features in virtual workplace solutions and experience management platforms to create feedback loops between themselves and their teams. These loops create a constant pulse check on employee wellness and organizational culture. Anonymity of data allows your team to provide honest feedback, crearing a more transparent and candid workplace.

Democratize decision-making.

Experience management platforms don’t just bring teams together across time and distance to collaborate, they also give a voice to people at every level of a project. By democratizing decision-making you can create a culture where the best idea wins.

Hybrid experiences.

The rise of virtual event and collaboration technology isn’t about keeping people apart, but bringing people together. The best experience management platforms will turn your events, meetings and workshops into hybrid experiences where attendees from around the world can connect and participate.

Ludic has designed its tools and methodology to keep people at the center of digital transformation. Our experience management platform, SmartLab, connects teams across time and distance to work, learn and play together.

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