Digital Transformation – Fact vs Fiction

July 7, 2023

Technology is evolving faster than ever, creating opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

Innovations in the metaverse, augmented reality, and blockchain are unlocking new opportunities for companies and individuals alike. Facebook has recently rebranded as Meta, signaling the importance of the metaverse to the core of their business moving forward. Meanwhile, artists like Damien Hirst are making millions from NFTs and KAWS is using AR to reimage the experience of attending an art exposition.

The world’s leading organizations are equally enthusiastic about harnessing the opportunities of these new technologies to transform the way their people work, learn and live.

While embarking on a digital transformation journey can be exciting, there can be negative narratives that inhibit internal buy-in.

Informed by our experience with helping clients make the shift to digital, here’s a fact versus fiction breakdown of some of the negative narratives around digital transformation that we’ve encountered.

Fiction – Digital transformation deprioritizes people

Fact – The best digital transformation programs keep people at the heart of the experience. Digital isn’t about replacing people but unlocking their potential with new tools that help them work, learn, connect, and collaborate.

Fiction – It can be difficult communicating digital transformation strategies at scale.

Fact – This doesn’t have to be the case. A centralized experience management platform can align your people in the change with smart communication campaigns supported by multimedia, notifications, calendars and timelines.

Fiction – It is hard to teach new tools and ways of working

Fact – Adaptive learning programs run via an experience management platform will train your people in new skills, software and ways of working. The learning will adapt to your people’s progress and interests, creating personalized experiences. The best experience management platforms will support learning in the flow of work, social learning, and micro-learning to create a culture of curiosity around your digital transformation initiatives.

We’ve designed SmartLab with digital transformation in mind. Our clients are using SmartLab to support every stage of their transformation initiatives: ideation, design, communication, and capability building.

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