Clemens Hackl (Digital Director, SmartLab) on the Future of AI and Experience Delivery

July 17, 2023

The proliferation of AI language models, solutions and tools is changing everything.

Including SmartLab.

This month, we’re integrating GPT 3.5 across the SmartLab platform. Initially, GPT 3.5 will provide SmartLab delegates with a companion as they embark on their journey through the platform, but that’s just the beginning.

We caught up with Clemens Hackl, our Digital Director, to discuss his vision for how innovations in AI will transform SmartLab’s approach to experience delivery.


Can you explain how the integration of GPT 3.5 into the SmartLab platform will enhance the experience for users?

The first release of SmartLab AI brings all the power of ChatGPT into SmartLab. SmartLab users can interact with the AI via a new dedicated chat interface. The AI persona is tailored to the SmartLab platform and its purpose in terms of knowledge as well as style of communication, creating a very personalized experience for users. In addition to the general knowledge ChatGPT provides, the AI will assist users with platform-specific queries as well as content specific to the initiative, simplifying the way users access, engage and interact with knowledge on the platform, in any language. But this is just the beginning…

What specific functionalities and features will GPT 3.5 provide to the SmartLab platform?

Initially, SmartLab AI will serve as a multi-lingual user manual to the platform, a guide to the user’s initiative, program or event, and a personal learning buddy. It comes pre-trained on anything SmartLab related, so users can use the AI to learn more about the platform itself.

We have also built this so the AI can be trained easily and in minutes by the project teams themselves on the topics and insights relevant to their initiative, drawing knowledge from documents, learning courses, conversations and transcripts. With this, users can consult the AI on their initiative's milestones, schedules and activities.

Perhaps most importantly though, users can work with the AI on their personal development, blending the wealth of ChatGPT’s general knowledge with the specialised learning content from the platform’s learning library.

How do you anticipate that the use of AI will transform the delivery of experiences on the SmartLab platform in the long term?

We have many exciting ideas and plans for SmartLab AI. As a next step, we will see more personalization in the way SmartLab AI interacts with users, moving from a reactive entity to a proactive entity, or as I like to call it, a “concierge” for all personal and professional matters.

Soon, SmartLab AI will be able to get to know users and engage in truly personalized conversations.

SmartLab AI will also be able to generate interactive multimedia such as images, videos and quizzes to help people learn flexibly and effectively. Being able to recognize and generate media will also play an important role in our plans for AI to support SmartLab administrators, drastically reducing the time needed to set up and manage SmartLab initiatives, programs or events.

Another layer is AI’s capability to recognize and produce code. In the long term, this will provide incredible opportunities for our clients and platform administrators to not only customize SmartLab but even generate entirely new functionality on demand.

Looking beyond GPT 3.5, what other advancements or trends in AI and language models have the potential to further transform experience delivery in the future?

We have all been using AI-powered services for a long time, from online search to luggage handling at airports. We just didn’t know, or really care. OpenAI’s ChatGTP is just one of many AI tools out there, although probably the most visible for now. But if you look at what Adobe’s Firefly can do, the impact Microsoft’s Copilot is promising to have on working with Word & Co, or the incredible multimodal capabilities of Google’s Gemini, the potential is infinite and this technology is evolving incredibly fast. New tools are appearing on the scene every day. From open-source LLMs to AI-powered talent management and Photoshop plugins.

I believe that generative AI will play a steadily increasing role in general but also for experience design and delivery on SmartLab specifically.

At Ludic we are continuously experimenting with emerging models and tools to explore new and better ways for AI to add value to SmartLab and maintain the highest level of data security and protection.

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