Building Collective Memory Through Dynamic Timelines

November 29, 2023

A key part of the SmartLab digital experience platform is our “Timeline” feature. This allows you to sequence journeys and interactive elements over time. It has many use cases, particularly within the context of a Business Transformation. This article shares a little bit about Ludic’s underlying methodology and insights for the SmartLab platform having this feature at its core. We hope it resonates and look forward to hearing how you bring alignment, togetherness and the concept of collective memories into your programs.

Mapping a Program's Evolution

In the age of digitization, managing transformation programs demands a strategic approach to capturing and utilizing knowledge. Such a strategic approach begins with being able to comprehensively map a program’s evolution, and this is where the concept of a dynamic timeline becomes indispensable. This timeline goes beyond a simple linear depiction of events and milestones; it serves as a living knowledge map, designed to encapsulate the past, present, and future of any transformation program. It becomes the backbone of collective memory, ensuring every stakeholder remains informed, engaged, and proactive.

Let’s explore how this dynamic timeline serves each phase of a transformation journey—

An image of the SmartLab dynamic timeline showcasing how it can support pre-event

Past - Documenting What Has Been

Every transformational journey begins with a step, often multiple steps, that shape the direction and goals. These steps, usually sessions or meetings, generate a plethora of output documentation: discussions, decisions, action items, and sometimes even raw brainstormed ideas. Instead of letting these vital details get lost in the depths of shared drives or email chains, a dynamic timeline curates them. It ensures that past discussions and resolutions are easily accessible. This archival function not only serves as a reference point but also guarantees continuity, preventing any repeated efforts or overlooked insights.

An image of the SmartLab dynamic timeline showcasing how it can support during an event or program

Present - Capturing the Now

At any given point in a transformation journey, numerous activities are simultaneously in progress. The dynamic timeline offers a real-time snapshot of the workshops, sessions, and other endeavors currently underway. It provides stakeholders with an instantaneous understanding of where efforts are being invested, allowing for immediate feedback, participation, or redirection. With this feature, your digital experience platform becomes more than just a management tool; it's a platform for active engagement.

An image of the SmartLab dynamic timeline showcasing how it can support after and event or program

Future - Planning and Previewing What's Ahead

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of the dynamic timeline is its ability to visualize the road ahead. Transformation is not just about addressing the present; it's about preparing for the future. The timeline displays upcoming communications, learning opportunities, and planned activities, enabling teams to strategize, allocate resources, and ensure alignment. This foresight functionality empowers teams to be proactive rather than reactive, setting the stage for a smooth and successful transformation.

Enter SmartLab - The Digital Experience Platform Designed with Strategic Transformation in Mind

SmartLab is more than a digital tool for managing projects; it provides a holistic view of the transformation journey—and it begins with the dynamic timeline. The dynamic timeline, with its past, present, and future insights, ensures that every stakeholder across the organization remains informed, engaged, and equipped to contribute to the collective success of the initiative. In the complex world of transformation, it becomes an indispensable asset, building and nurturing the collective memory that is crucial for sustained progress and impactful outcomes.

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